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The Coding Machine Lyon presents the redesign of the BS2BO web platform. The objective was simple: how to optimize performance and improve team efficiency? To answer this question, TCM Lyon used the winning combo of the Laravel and Nuxt.js frameworks for optimal performance and optimization of back-office work.

How to effectively redesign a custom-made web platform? BS2BO

Redesign of a web platform to optimise performance and improve team efficiency.

Amélioration des performances techniques pour la plateforme Web BS2BO

Context Context

The objective of this redesign was twofold:
To improve performance,
Simplify and optimise back-office work.

Refonte de la plateforme Web B2SBO par The Coding Machine

Results Results

- Improved technical performance
- Teams whose work is easier
- Customers who are happy with the redesign (and who take out more expensive subscriptions)

Intégration d'un moteur de recherche ultra-puissant basé sur ElasticSearch

Technical issues Technical issues

- Overall performance of the business application
- Powerful search engine with indexing (ElasticSearch)
- Recurring payments with different subscriptions

TheCodingMachine perfectly met my expectations, particularly with a very relevant consulting approach. Beyond the very good contact with the teams, the scope and the schedule were respected!
Well done! I recommend this team with my eyes closed.

Laure Kniazeff Founder & CEO

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