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TCM supports charity projects Commitment

At TheCodingMachine, we believe in the common good! 🚀

With a dedicated platform, Vendredi, our employees can commit 2 days per year for associations during their working hours.

That's an amazing way to get involved in the causes that are close to our hearts while maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal values!

"I started my career at TheCodingMachine as a Junior Project Manager. During my first 3 years, I was more oriented towards web development. Then I spent the following 3 years as an experienced project manager, with skills more focused on account management and management. I had two to three employees to oversee while also dealing with cross-disciplinary subjects such as invoicing, staffing, recruitment or sales more closely."

Pierre VAIDIE Former project director - 9 years in the company
Plateforme web metier difficile mais pas infaisable

Career management and formation Career

At TheCodingMachine, we are committed in the personal development of our employee both in hard and soft skills.

From our special newbie training program to the construction of your career, we will help you to release your full potential thanks to yearly interview, auto-evaluation, skills assessment and peer-coding.

The career path of our employees is at the center of our concerns, which is why we have implemented reinforced monitoring throughout the year to help them in their professional and personnal development.

"I joined TheCodingMachine during my end-of-studies internship in 2016 and I continued my professional career there. I appreciate the opportunity to develop both technical and managerial skills on a daily basis in a spirit of benevolence, teamwork and mutual aid that helps everyone progress. "

Thibault Balmette Project Director

Yassine, Junior Project Manager Interview

"TCM is for me a unique professional adventure, where I can feel trusted and empowered with all the necessary freedom to always go further in a position that I am building myself"

Sophie Maechler Captain Coder

TCM Academy TCM Academy

One of our main objectives is to increase the skills of our employees on a daily basis.

This is why we have planned a complete training course for our new entrants as soon as they arrive with us.

On the program: about twenty modules spread over 3 months, with technique, project management and know-how !