Education, Coaching and Training

Education, Coaching and Training Our projects

The Coding Machine Hong Kong designed and developed a student management platform for Hong Kong's leading education NGO supporting migrant workers' self-education with Symfony and Vue.js.
The Coding Machine Hong Kong created the IoT mobile app for Tikino by combining the power of Flutter and Firebase.
Publicis Consultant
Publicis is a major player in the training of senior executives. For a course on international crisis management, Publicis asked TCM to create a tool able to simulate a communication crisis on a computer, in particular through the generation of artificial public relations content (newspaper articles, posts on social networks ) based on a training scenario that can be edited from a back office.
The École Polytechnique, commonly known as Polytechnique and nicknamed in France the "X", is one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world. TCM supported École Polytechnique on two projects: the overhaul of its institutional site and the one of X-PERK, its portal for connecting large groups and startups from the school.
Pôle Emploi
Pôle Emploi wanted to digitize its internal catalog of training courses available to employees. The catalog was previously only accessible in PDF format, TCM has transformed it into an interactive intranet. The aim was to allow simple management of training courses from a back office and to provide users with a simple experience, particularly in research.
Oasys is a major player in the training and professional coaching of senior executives. TCM supported Oasys in the most important phase of digitalization in the company's history initiated by the pandemic. The project was to create a platform offering online coaching and enriching the overall customer follow-up thanks to a digital journey.
Job Ready
Jobready is a digital coaching platform that allows each young person to reveal their potential and soft skills in order to strengthen their employability. The platform offers training open to all, a chatbot to assess your soft skills and a gamified journey. The challenge was to get the platform out quickly, taking inspiration from UX models.