Tourism Our projects

The Coding Machine Hong Kong developed a complex e-shop for a sportswear and yoga brand selling 40,000 different items and offering regular promotional campaigns. This has been made possible using Sylius, an open-source headless CMS Sylius combined with Vue.Js for the front-end. The goal was to offer a fully integrated system for the product, promotion, and stock management systems capable of handling large volumes of products.
Eurosport, owned by Discovery Channel, produces and broadcasts a variety of sports programs in continental Europe. Developing and maintaining two native applications (iOs & Android), Eurosport wanted to test Discovery's "custom" React Native framework. TCM therefore carried out a POC in order to be able to fully ensure the relevance of the technology and the transposability of the framework to Eurosport's specific need.
Cercle de Vacances
Cercle des Vacances is a travel agency specializing in tailor-made travel. Cercle des Vacances wanted to merge several existing sites to have a new global web platform while also using this opportunity for rebranding and redesigning the platform.
Cap France
Cap France Federation is one of the main players in associative tourism in France. Cap France asked TCM to redesign its platform and optimize its tailor-made CRM.