Discover our open-source contributions

At TheCodingMachine, we daily use Open-Source tools to build our projects. That's why we dedicate some of our time to give back to the community by sharing our own packages. Discover our contributions !

Boilerplate Boilerplate

Symfony Boilerplate

The Symfony Boilerplate provides a dummy application with core concepts and functionalities to help you build a modern web application.

React Native Boilerplate

A React Native project template for building solid applications through separation of concerns between the UI, state management and business logic.

PHP Tools PHP Tools


This package is designed for framework developers and package developers. It helps you find “static” assets in your Composer packages.


Packanalyst is a service that references absolutely any PHP class/interface/trait in all open source packages (available on Packagist).

Docker images PHP

A set of developer friendly PHP Docker images. Very easy configuration. Everything is done to limit file permission issues that often arise when using Docker.

PHP Stan Strict Rules

A set of additional rules for PHPStan based on best practices followed at TheCodingMachine. They are more “strict” than the default PHPStan rules and some may be controversial.

PHP Library PHP Library


A set of core PHP functions rewritten to throw exceptions instead of returning false when an error is encountered.


The DataBase Machine (TDBM) is a PHP ORM Library. Use it to ease your access to your database. Users should access their objects easily, and store those objects as easily.


Splash is a PHP router. It takes an HTTP request and dispatches it to the appropriate controller. A MVC framework deeply integrated with Mouf.


A PHP Library that allows you to write your GraphQL queries in simple-to-write controllers. Use PHP Annotations to declare your GraphQL API.