Let's make it simple, Coders is above all a community. Inspired by the open-source system of collaboration.


TheCodingMachine was founded by Jean-Guillaume DUJARDIN and David NÉGRIER, with the business model of Coders.
Coders is essentially inspired by open source, every day we are using open-source tools for your projects, so it made sense to follow this path.

“I believe in empowerment, my vision of work is filled in values & passion, working remotely is not hard to visualize anymore. We can make a change in a world full of talents. My job is to find those talents, and empower them."

Sophie Maechler Captain Coder (Chief Freelance Officer)


That’s how we decided to also reinforce our teams with freelancers working from 4 different continents on our projects.
We’ve selected them for their skills and expertise. As well as their ability to understand our methodologies and requirements. And finally, particular attention on their facility to fit with TCM work culture.

We dedicated a job position to manage the boat: Sophie Maechler, our captain coder. She handles the community and makes sure they are staffed, trained, and respecting our collaboration policy.
Every day, we lead our in-house collaborators to make them overcome their abilities to lead a project with human resources as well as complex technology tools.


This strong belief in the open-source model was crowned by the rise of these communities around the world, which, on a daily basis, participate in the development of powerful tools used to produce high-performance web and mobile applications.
The internationalization of our structure reinforces this feeling of belonging to a connected world full of talents.
Going in search of these talents and putting them forward, beyond borders, is a real ambition carried by the managers and actors of this model.

Giving power to individuals who, despite rough conditions, are sometimes isolated in countries where the reality of work is the opposite of that of our societies, makes us aware of unexpected cultural aspects. It is a human richness and a singular adventure, unique to TCM.


To manage this collaboration, we built a dedicated platform:
Only the captain coder can subscribe a coder: quality better than quantity.

We assign components to a coder who fits with the stack & the team of the project. Like-minded skills & values.
At every step of the project, the coder is never alone. He's fully part of the team.
All the merge requests are reviewed by the project manager and a referent of the Technical management team is checking on them during the internal audit.

Every component is a contract with a confidentiality policy.
We pay fairly, every 2 weeks for fairness and good management.

If you want to pass a test to be part of this amazing community, feel free to contact Sophie.
If it’s a match, you will get a chance to onboard a project and start a healthy long-term work relationship.

Let’s collaborate 🤝


    Benjamin Gakami FAST & CURIOUS