TCM:// deploys your project success!

With more than 500 projects completed, some sectors are very familiar to us, such as banking and insurance, real estate and construction, the energy sector, personal services and health, or training and HR management.

How does TCM contribute to the success of your technical projects? Success

Technical expertise

All our project managers are also developers. Technology is essential to us.

Full support

We support you in all phases of your project, from design to the development of your MVP, not forgetting production support and corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

Confidence and continuity

Each client has a dedicated project manager. He or she is your main contact throughout the project. We develop long-term relationships with most of our clients.


Do you need technical expertise or technical support? TheCodingMachine can assist you in many aspects of auditing and consulting, whether it is about :

  • Design a digital transformation plan,
  • Define a technical architecture,
  • Analyse the performance and quality of a code,
  • Audit an IS before an acquisition,
  • Designing a project rescue plan, ...

TheCodingMachine has conducted numerous audits and consultancy assignments. Many approaches are possible and we would be happy to share our experience with you to find the one that suits you best!


Do you want to launch a new project "from scratch", develop or even completely redesign an existing application? We like to find pragmatic solutions that are based on scalable technical architectures to develop efficiently whether it is a marketplace, a headless or custom CMS, a customer portal, a business application, etc.
TheCodingMachine supports you in all stages of your project:

  • Design support, specification and UX/UI design
  • Optimisation of processes and different business rules
  • Explanation of technological choices
  • Analysis of your digital ecosystem and integration with various internal or external services
  • Organisation of the project from design through development, testing and production to maintenance

Have you already written a specification or are you unsure where to start? Please contact us or download our white paper, we are happy to provide advice.


Mobile applications are special projects: ergonomics, functionalities, and in particular uploading are very different from web projects.

We have specialized in so-called hybrid technologies, notably, React Native and Flutter. These technologies allow us to develop mobile applications using a single code, unlike native development, which requires development by operating system (in Swift for iOS and in Kotlin for Android). The hybrid approach is more economical and facilitates future maintenance of the code since there is only one code to develop and maintain instead of two.

Finally, Progressive Web Applications allow combining web development with a rich mobile experience thanks to the possibility to install a shortcut, to access mobile features...


Do you have a specific e-commerce activity that requires a tailor-made approach?

TheCodingMachine will be happy to assist you with its expertise on the main technical solutions on the market such as Sylius, Magento, Prestashop or WooCommerce. TheCodingMachine has worked with players from many different sectors and of all sizes on their online sales issues.


Many opportunities arise with technology. We like to explore new technologies: AI, blockchain, bot, NFT or iOT. We'd love to talk to you about how this might impact your business or if you can get new ideas from it!