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Best Seller To Box Office
The Coding Machine Lyon presents the redesign of the BS2BO web platform. The objective was simple: how to optimize performance and improve team efficiency? To answer this question, TCM Lyon used the winning combo of the Laravel and Nuxt.js frameworks for optimal performance and optimization of back-office work.
SOCOTEC is an international risk management consultancy group for the building sector. Since 2017, SOCOTEC has called on TCM twice to meet its digital needs. Firstly for a request to modernize its “Socotec Avantage” customer application, then secondly to replace its management tool to make it more intuitive, simple and complete.
MG France
MG France is the first professional union of French general practitioners bringing together 96 departmental unions. Their IT tools, consisting of a membership management application and an institutional website, were aging. TCM has overhauled the entire site and applications aiming to improve the subscription process and the membership area.
Medic Global
Medic Global provides healthcare professionals with suitable buildings capable of hosting several different specialists. Medic Global asked TCM to develop an application allowing practitioners to manage their agenda while allowing customers to book their appointments online. The application integrates geolocation to assist the patient upon arrival at a center and ensure online and offline continuity.
Bien Vieillir en Île-de-France
Bien Vieillir en Ile de France is a social and medico-social cooperation group that now brings together 5 associations with complementary home help and care activities. TheCodingMachine was called upon to harmonize and digitize the different processes between the groups in order to gain efficiency. It was also about developing a mobile application allowing caregivers to perform diagnosis and follow-up.
Association ICO
The association ICO, Ingénierie du Confort Objectif, is an association working for the energy and environmental performance of buildings. ICO wanted to give its members more visibility on the prices of different energies over 10 years in order to inform their decisions. The ICO association entrusted TheCodingMachine with the creation of the Enerprix tool capable of simulating different energy consumption scenarios.
ALPIQ is an electricity supplier positioned on transparency, green energy, and affordable pricing. ALPIQ has launched the development of an application in order to penetrate the French market. The idea was to create a web and mobile application "from scratch" to present Alpiq's energy offers and enable online subscriptions.
ABC Salles
ABC Salles is the leading event venue search website, with more than 20,000 locations in France. Thanks to its notoriety and its referencing, ABCSalles quickly became a leader in the event sector! TheCodingMachine has been supporting ABC Salles since 2014 in the development of its web platform and internal tools of associated management.