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For more than 15 years, TCM has supported many clients, from various sectors and sizes, in the realization of their digital projects. If a project particularly speaks to you, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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Econocom is an international company specializing in the financing, production, and distribution of digital equipment and services. Econocom's distribution department had to register with the supplier (Apple, Microsoft …) for each piece of equipment distributed to its customers.
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Jobready is a digital coaching platform that enables young people to reveal their potential and soft skills in order to enhance their employability. The platform offers training courses open to all, a chatbot to evaluate soft skills and a gamified course. The challenge was to quickly launch the platform while taking inspiration from the best UX practices.
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The Coding Machine Hong Kong developed a complex e-shop for a sportswear and yoga brand selling 40,000 different items and offering regular promotional campaigns. This has been made possible using Sylius, an open-source headless CMS Sylius combined with Vue.Js for the front-end. The goal was to offer a fully integrated system for the product, promotion, and stock management systems capable of handling large volumes of products.
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The Coding Machine Hong Kong designed and developed a student management platform for Hong Kong's leading education NGO supporting migrant workers' self-education with Symfony and Vue.js.
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The Coding Machine Hong Kong created the IoT mobile app for Tikino by combining the power of Flutter and Firebase.
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Total CSE
The Coding Machine Paris presents the business application created for Total CSE on the solid foundations of Symfony PHP, Vue.js, Docker and MySQL. A project carried out with the objective of a fast and efficient ecommerce site, for international use. An application used by a dozen centres to monitor a thousand seasonal workers.
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Ecommerce – Leroy Seafood
The Coding Machine Lyon created the Leroy Seafood ecommerce website by combining the power of Aimeos, a very powerful open-source PHP framework, the efficiency of Laravel and the elegance of Nuxt js. A project carried out with the objective of a fast and efficient ecommerce site, for international use.
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Best Seller To Box Office
The Coding Machine Lyon presents the redesign of the BS2BO web platform. The objective was simple: how to optimize performance and improve team efficiency? To answer this question, TCM Lyon used the winning combo of the Laravel and Nuxt.js frameworks for optimal performance and optimization of back-office work.
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La Société de Garantie à l’Accession manages a guarantee fund intended to cover the organizations' accession risk. Representing three federations of different organizations, each with their own IS and reporting management, SGA wanted to develop a new standardized platform for entering operations and global reporting.
UNEO is the second largest public service mutual in France. The group asked TCM to redesign their website as well as their membership area. This included being able to simulate an insurance request directly on the site and a more efficient follow-up of cases from the customer space.
SOCOTEC is an international risk management consultancy group for the building sector. Since 2017, SOCOTEC has called on TCM twice to meet its digital needs. Firstly for a request to modernize its “Socotec Avantage” customer application, then secondly to replace its management tool to make it more intuitive, simple and complete.
Screlec is an eco-organization in charge of the treatment of used batteries. Screlec previously had a management tool that enabled it to manage all of its activity from collection to recycling. This tool had become obsolete, too expensive to maintain and lacked modularity. Screlec therefore called on TCM to completely overhaul its business application.
Save Life On Earth
SaveLifeOnEarth is an association created in 2019 which aims to release and exchange content based on the ecological performance of companies around the world. The main objective is to provide the general public with a certain amount of information to enlighten them on the various CSR policies and to create a debate around specific themes.
Robine & Associés
Robine & Associés is a firm specializing in real estate and commercial property valuation. For example, to estimate customer catchment potential, the company relied on an estimation tool and on a very old database that had to be migrated and upgraded technologically.
Région Ile de France
In 2014, TCM developed a tool for calculating online family quotient which then makes it possible to publish a certificate directly on the website. Several versions were then produced, in particular in order to use API like France Connect or OpenENT. The Ile de France region also wanted to develop a back office allowing personnalization and better management of user journey.
Publicis Consultant
Publicis is a major player in the training of senior executives. For a course on international crisis management, Publicis asked TCM to create a tool able to simulate a communication crisis on a computer, in particular through the generation of artificial public relations content (newspaper articles, posts on social networks ) based on a training scenario that can be edited from a back office.
Procivis Immobilier brings together companies in various fields of construction activities. Procivis is a historical customer of TCM, many projects have been carried out during more than 10 years of partnership. This involved in particular regrouping and standardizing several extranets or intranets that already existed within the group in order to be able to develop new functionalities on a solid basis.
The École Polytechnique, commonly known as Polytechnique and nicknamed in France the "X", is one of the most prestigious engineering schools in the world. TCM supported École Polytechnique on two projects: the overhaul of its institutional site and the one of X-PERK, its portal for connecting large groups and startups from the school.
Pôle Emploi
Pôle Emploi wanted to digitize its internal catalog of training courses available to employees. The catalog was previously only accessible in PDF format, TCM has transformed it into an interactive intranet. The aim was to allow simple management of training courses from a back office and to provide users with a simple experience, particularly in research.
As an historical actor in cinema, Pathé is today the leading French film studio and the leader in theaters in continental Europe. TCM has carried out several projects including the development of Pathé Live, a site specializing in the live and delayed broadcasting of video content, or the overhaul of Pathé Distribution, the site dedicated to the general public and professionals.
Orange Bank
Following an agreement between Orange and Groupama, Orange Bank offers an online banking service for individuals, in addition to credit and investment offers. TCM has supported Orange Bank for more than 10 years on various issues such as sales assistance tools, electronic document management or tailor-made APIs.
Oasys is a major player in the training and professional coaching of senior executives. TCM supported Oasys in the most important phase of digitalization in the company's history initiated by the pandemic. The project was to create a platform offering online coaching and enriching the overall customer follow-up thanks to a digital journey.
Milleis (ex Barclays)
Milleis is a high-end private bank for affluent clients. As part of its rebranding following the takeover of the dedicated Barclays business, Milleis asked TCM to develop a specific CMS to address the security and rapid adaptability issues specific to their business needs.
MG France
MG France is the first professional union of French general practitioners bringing together 96 departmental unions. Their IT tools, consisting of a membership management application and an institutional website, were aging. TCM has overhauled the entire site and applications aiming to improve the subscription process and the membership area.
Medic Global
Medic Global provides healthcare professionals with suitable buildings capable of hosting several different specialists. Medic Global asked TCM to develop an application allowing practitioners to manage their agenda while allowing customers to book their appointments online. The application integrates geolocation to assist the patient upon arrival at a center and ensure online and offline continuity.
Mairie de Paris
The Paris City Hall wanted to rethink its budget presentation site for 2015. The objective was to improve the ergonomics of this site and to make it easier for Internet users to use advanced search. In addition, a graphic overhaul was needed in order to be in line with new web trends.
Incit’financement is a crowdfunding platform supported by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, its objective is to encourage regional investments by putting financial players in touch with local entrepreneurs. Incit’financement wanted to redesign their platform to optimize the registration and monitoring process while implementing a white label technical architecture.
Groupama Crédit Caution
Groupama Assurance-crédit & Caution, is the subsidiary specializing in credit insurance and surety products of the Groupama group. The subsidiary wanted to modernize its bond management application in order to broaden the range of products, offer a more independent customer space and optimize the working time of managers and analysts.
Eurosport, owned by Discovery Channel, produces and broadcasts a variety of sports programs in continental Europe. Developing and maintaining two native applications (iOs & Android), Eurosport wanted to test Discovery's "custom" React Native framework. TCM therefore carried out a POC in order to be able to fully ensure the relevance of the technology and the transposability of the framework to Eurosport's specific need.
ESH – Entreprises Sociales pour l’Habitat
ESH had an overall need to modernize their business application called Visial Web, both structurally and functionally. The former tool suffered from obsolete technology, non-compatibility with web-based collaborative work and from a significant technical debt.
Coriolis Telecom
Coriolis is a fixed or mobile telecommunications operator and one of the main mobile telephony distributors in France. TCM has supported Coriolis for many years in different projects such as its e-commerce site, its subscription channel or its customer portal. These projects required in particular the integration of many specific web-services.
Colas asked TCM to develop a mobile application dedicated to the following of construction site document. This application includes taking photos of purchase orders and a text recognition API (IA & OCR).
Coeos is an insurance brokerage company which markets various insurance solutions to industrial vehicle dealers across Europe. Coeos wanted to expand its visibility and manage its contracts through a web application.
Citéo oversees the national system for sorting and recycling household packaging. In 2014, Citéo called on TCM to save its project of Extranet for monitoring waste collection between partners. The failure of the initial service provider had resulted in considerable delay and a high technical debt. TCM still supports Citéo today in the development of its digital ecosystem.
CertiNergy & Solutions, a subsidiary of ENGIE, provides consulting services to businesses and communities in order to achieve energy savings. TCM has been supporting CertiNergy since 2014 in the development of its various internal and external tools, in particular those for processing energy saving files.
Cercle de Vacances
Cercle des Vacances is a travel agency specializing in tailor-made travel. Cercle des Vacances wanted to merge several existing sites to have a new global web platform while also using this opportunity for rebranding and redesigning the platform.
Carte Financement
Created in 2009, Carte Financement is a credit brokerage company. Carte Financement wanted to remake its website in order to optimize web acquisition. This involved setting up and optimizing a CMS, integration with a CRM and personalization of customer journeys. Work to automate file management was also carried out on the administrator side.
Cap France
Cap France Federation is one of the main players in associative tourism in France. Cap France asked TCM to redesign its platform and optimize its tailor-made CRM.
Bienprévoir is a French pure-player broker specialized in long-term savings (retirement, insurance, etc.). Since 2013, TCM has been accompanying in all of its digital strategy and the development of its platform.
Bien Vieillir en Île-de-France
Bien Vieillir en Ile de France is a social and medico-social cooperation group that now brings together 5 associations with complementary home help and care activities. TheCodingMachine was called upon to harmonize and digitize the different processes between the groups in order to gain efficiency. It was also about developing a mobile application allowing caregivers to perform diagnosis and follow-up.
Babilou offers nursery places throughout France. The Babilou Group asked TheCodingMachine to develop "BabiSérénité": an insurance subscription platform making it possible to compensate “unused” nursery days in the event of a sick child and in the need of sending a professional home.
Association ICO
The association ICO, Ingénierie du Confort Objectif, is an association working for the energy and environmental performance of buildings. ICO wanted to give its members more visibility on the prices of different energies over 10 years in order to inform their decisions. The ICO association entrusted TheCodingMachine with the creation of the Enerprix tool capable of simulating different energy consumption scenarios.
Artcurial is the French leader in high-end auctions. Today, a multidisciplinary auction house, Artcurial has acquired an international status and consolidates its leading position in the art market. TheCodingMachine took over the maintenance of their Drupal site and then redesigned the front-end of the application with a view to evolving towards a PWA allowing an enriched mobile experience.
ALPIQ is an electricity supplier positioned on transparency, green energy, and affordable pricing. ALPIQ has launched the development of an application in order to penetrate the French market. The idea was to create a web and mobile application "from scratch" to present Alpiq's energy offers and enable online subscriptions.
Albear is a mobile application allowing real-time viewing of the atmosphere and attendance of a given place, in particular through the use of geolocation. Albear also relies on a gamification system to encourage its users to post live content wherever they go. TheCodingMachine supported Albear through the whole project, from scratch conception to the release on app stores.
ABC Salles
ABC Salles is the leading event venue search website, with more than 20,000 locations in France. Thanks to its notoriety and its referencing, ABCSalles quickly became a leader in the event sector! TheCodingMachine has been supporting ABC Salles since 2014 in the development of its web platform and internal tools of associated management.

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