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Ecology, Sustainable development, Eco-organization Our projects

Screlec is an eco-organization in charge of the treatment of used batteries. Screlec previously had a management tool that enabled it to manage all of its activity from collection to recycling. This tool had become obsolete, too expensive to maintain and lacked modularity. Screlec therefore called on TCM to completely overhaul its business application.
Save Life On Earth
SaveLifeOnEarth is an association created in 2019 which aims to release and exchange content based on the ecological performance of companies around the world. The main objective is to provide the general public with a certain amount of information to enlighten them on the various CSR policies and to create a debate around specific themes.
Citéo oversees the national system for sorting and recycling household packaging. In 2014, Citéo called on TCM to save its project of Extranet for monitoring waste collection between partners. The failure of the initial service provider had resulted in considerable delay and a high technical debt. TCM still supports Citéo today in the development of its digital ecosystem.