Econocom is an international company specializing in the financing, production, and distribution of digital equipment and services. Econocom's distribution department had to register with the supplier (Apple, Microsoft …) for each piece of equipment distributed to its customers.

How to digitalize the tracking
of products throughout a supply chain? Econocom

Digitalizing the supply chain and improving IT asset management.
Econocom wanted to develop an application to automate product registrations and exploit the related data. TCM Paris supported Econocom in the development of a digital supply chain solution with this platform, now called HubReg, from scratch.


How to automate and enable better monitoring of hardware registration?

Results Results

Great success on this project.
The platform enables the centralisation, industrialisation and simplification of deployments of up to 10,000 devices.

Technical challenges Technical challenges

- Connection to external services to register products
- Design of dashboards and monitoring tools
- Digitalization of business processes
- Implementation of a white label approach to meet international needs. Every country's office has its own version of the application

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