Bien Vieillir en Île-de-France

Bien Vieillir en Ile de France is a social and medico-social cooperation group that now brings together 5 associations with complementary home help and care activities. TheCodingMachine was called upon to harmonize and digitize the different processes between the groups in order to gain efficiency. It was also about developing a mobile application allowing caregivers to perform diagnosis and follow-up.

Project context: digitize the monitoring process for elderly people from diagnosis to care Background information

The home support sector for vulnerable elderly people has not been digitized much, while the advantages of automating these treatments are numerous, whether it is to improve the quality of user care or to automate plans. help and information sharing.

In addition, Bien Vieillir en Ile de France is a grouping of various organizations providing assistance to the elderly. It was, therefore, crucial to succeed in harmonizing and digitizing the various processes in order to gain efficiency within the group.

Bien Vieillir en Ile de France has therefore decided to launch a project that meets three particularly urgent needs:

- Evaluate and effectively update the level of dependency of the elderly,
- Allow the grouping of information from the different members of the group on a single platform;
- Design a mobile monitoring device for caregivers.

Feedback: long-term support for the digital transformation of an actor unfamiliar with digital technology Feedback

The Coding Machine managed to adapt to the business challenges of a lagging sector in terms of digitization. The gradual approach proposed by TheCodingMachine has enabled Bien Vieillir en Ile de France to design a solid technical base to lay the foundations for a long-term digitalization plan.

The setting up of the back-office common to all the players in the group has enabled enormous time savings and better strategic visibility, the client is now very satisfied with the project.