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Does a project’s completion mean its death?

Let’s talk about the post-mortem! đź’€ You’ve just completed a great project, it’s gone into production and the […]

Offline but never limited: optimize your app with offline mode

Imagine a revolutionary mobile app, a kind of digital genie that makes your wildest desires come true: it […]

Revolutionizing mobile application development: FlutterFlow

FlutterFlow is emerging as an innovative solution that promises to transform the way developers and designers approach application […]

What is the Dependency Inversion Principle?

Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) is a fundamental development concept that contributes to the flexibility and modularity of code. […]

Navigating with TheCodingMachine: secure web projects

The world of web development is not without danger! You can’t necessarily avoid hackers, but you can try […]

Real-time web: every millisecond counts!

On a website, an “offline” status that changes to “online” without you having done anything? A sales representative […]

ISO 27001 standard: implementation at TheCodingMachine!

If you don’t know what ISO 27001 standard is, here’s an article that succinctly describes what it is, […]

Generative Artificial Intelligence: what applications for the enterprise?

Like all new technologies, there’s a lot of talk about generative artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll try […]

Expedite Digital Transformation via Custom Applications – An Interview with InvestHK

We have chosen Hong Kong over other asian cities for its strong international dimension, ease of setting up offices, and strategic location next to hardware city Shenzhen and proximity to Asean countries.

7 tools to test the performance of a website

To diagnose possible malfunctions and test the performance of a website, several analysis tools exist. Useful for simulating […]

Getting it right with Sass and Bootstrap 5

Making it exciting! There are multiple ways of adding Bootstrap to a project, like using a CDN link, […]

5 practical examples of NFT, Blockchain, and Crypto projects!

NFT, Blockchain, Crypto-currencies are often buzzwords that can be found in all conversations or tech articles these days. […]

A student Management platform to impact 10,000 migrant workers’ lives!

TheCodingMachine and Uplifters announce the successful launch of a powerful student management platform to increase the social impact […]

Looking for talented freelancers

Hello, my name is Sophie, I am Captain Coder for TheCodingMachine. Two years ago, an opportunity to work […]

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