A student Management platform to impact 10,000 migrant workers’ lives!

TheCodingMachine and Uplifters announce the successful launch of a powerful student management platform to increase the social impact on underprivileged people across South East Asia.

“A demonstration of how leveraging technology can also positively impact lives!” TheCodingMachine

TheCodingMachine enables Non-Profit Uplifters to scale its online education solutions for migrant domestic workers.

In this article, we invite you to explore how non-profits can scale their social impact by digitizing and automating their processes.

Uplifters is on a mission.

Uplifters are on a mission to enable migrant domestic workers to transform their lives by unleashing the combined power of online education and community support – thereby making their migration successful.

Uplifters’ core services combine technology with human warmth to enable personal growth. Since their establishment in 2018, more than 5,000 domestic workers have enrolled in their signature programme, Prepare for the Future, a six-month free money management course, mental well-being, and personal development online programme.

Led by Marie Kretz Di Meglio, the community-based organization aims to grow its number of beneficiaries from 800 new beneficiaries in 2019, 2,500 expected in 2021 to 4,000 in 2022.

Achieving higher efficiency with technology and scale social impact.

To support this ambition, TheCodingMachine has enabled Uplifters to achieve higher efficiency with technology and therefore scale its social impact among underprivileged communities.

Involved at an early stage in its project planning, both teams of TheCodingMachine in France and Hong Kong, have helped design and architect an intuitive, modular yet cost-efficient solution.

This September’s launch of Uplifters’ student management platform aims at giving more underprivileged domestic workers access to an online educational platform through social media platforms that they are already familiar with and use on a daily basis: Facebook and Whatsapp.

A critical project to keep on growing

The launch of this student management platform is a key milestone for Uplifters.

“We had reached a bottleneck in terms of the number of beneficiaries we could serve” Marie Kretz Di Meglio, Uplifters Founder & CEO

Uplifters’ staff had to manually enrol and follow up on more than 500 new enrollees per month, which was not scalable.

“We are so excited to now be able to grow our impact!”

Their model combining online courses with peer coaching is innovative and has already been successfully tested over the last three years.

“We have a 100% student satisfaction ratio and 90% say our online programme ‘Prepare for the Future’ (money management, mental well-being and personal development courses) transformed their lives!”

A trusted partner

TCM has been an amazing partner, listening carefully to design a platform meeting our needs whilst being as cost-effective as possible.

Most organisations find it tricky to develop IT projects, but TCM has made this an easy process. It was so rewarding to work with them and finally get to see live the platform we had dreamt of for months.

They were responsive and we did not encounter any delays or unexpected costs once the project had been approved.”

About Uplifters

Uplifters is a Non-profit organization empowering migrant domestic workers and underprivileged communities to break the cycle of poverty and build the lives they want for themselves, their families and their countries.

Website: https://uplifters-edu.org/

par TheCodM

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