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Discover Sylius and the e-commerce projects developed by TheCodingMachine around this solution.


Sylius is an Open Source e-commerce platform entirely based on the French PHP framework Symfony, the most popular in France.

Unlike other major e-commerce solutions such as Magento or Prestashop, Sylius has chosen to focus on the essentials rather than racing for functionality. It is a question of securing the technical basis of what makes a commercial site (order management, products, payments, etc.) so that customized functionalities can then be built upon it. In short, Sylius secures the 20% of essential functionalities that cover 80% of e-commerce needs and customization allows the rest to be satisfied.

Sylius is a highly technical solution: API first, focused on code quality, a strong test culture, and an integrated Agile workflow (BDD). It is a solution designed by developers for developers who need to cover specific and bespoke e-commerce needs.

WHY SYLIUS? Benefits

  • Specific to your needs: rental, subscription, reservation, etc. If your e-commerce activity has specificities and is not limited to the simple sale of a product, then the freedom allowed by Sylius should allow you to avoid having to "twist" a market tool to satisfy functionalities for which it was not designed.
  • Omnicity : the API First approach of Sylius allows you to easily connect different mobile or web applications to the same Back (the back office of your site that manages stocks, products, etc.) and to update them separately. You can thus easily adopt an omni-channel approach and develop the Front (your shop window) independently. No risk of blowing up the back office if you want to optimise or update the graphical interfaces of your customer journey!

  • Performance: as Sylius focuses on the essentials, it is extremely light and therefore performs well on the critical perimeters of a site-commerce: loading time, payment, etc. The Sylius technical team has chosen a restricted core to be able to test it in depth and guarantee a competitive advantage.
  • Centralization : Sylius' API First approach makes it easy to connect in a customized manner to the various third-party services that you use in your digital ecosystem (PIM, ERP, CRM, etc.), whether they are market solutions or, above all, an internally developed solution. If for technical reasons, your "in-house" Information System is causing you problems, then Sylius is probably a solution that is worth a look.
  • Scalability : if your market requires constant adaptation and you are in a Test & Learn mode, then the flexibility of Sylius will enable you to react more easily.




The Constructa Group has three major activities: real estate construction, the sale of new housing to the general public and the management of real estate portfolios or estates. TheCodingMachine is working with Constructa to make Sylius the centralized technical foundation of a complete digital ecosystem for communication and business management.The use of Sylius has facilitated:

  • Multisite management from a single back office
  • Management of internal user rights
  • Integration of customized and responsive design
  • Connection to various third-party business services

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Once In The Flow is a start-up offering an all-in-one web platform entirely dedicated to B2B or B2C coaching. The use of Sylius has facilitated:

  • The implementation of a white label and SAAS logic for B2B clients.
  • The integration of a videoconferencing tool (Jitsi) directly linked to the products (training courses).
  • Customized development of a meta-version dedicated to training thanks to Workadventure.
  • The creation of an activity management back-office including: planning, availability management, and billing.
  • The creation of a marketplace allowing independent coaches to easily register for B2C clients.


Gynécée is a health center dedicated to the well-being of women throughout the different stages of their lives (adolescence, maternity, menopause, ...). Gynécée offers both individual and group sessions of alternative medicine, in a center or online, as well as numerous products related to women's well-being.

Gynécée asked TheCodingMachine for a complete overhaul of its e-commerce website, previously based on WordPress and Woo commerce. In addition to the sale of products, Gynécée needed a real back-office to manage its activity, allowing the management of online reservations and the follow-up of schedules.

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