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With more than 500 projects completed, we have accumulated a vast knowledge of different industries such as banking & insurance, real estate & construction, energy supply, health & care, or even training & HR management.

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Do you need cutting-edge technical advises or technical support? TheCodingMachine can support you in many aspects of auditing and consulting, whether it is:

  • Design a digital transformation plan,

  • Define a technical architecture,

  • Analyze the performance and quality of a code,

  • Audit an IS before an acquisition

  • Design a project rescue plan, ...

  • TheCodingMachine has carried out numerous audit and advisory missions. Many approaches are possible and we would love to share our experience with you to find the one that suits you best!


    Do you want to launch a new project "from scratch", develop or even completely redesign an existing application? We like to find pragmatic solutions that are based on scalable technical architectures to develop efficiently whether it is a marketplace, a headless or custom CMS, a customer portal, a business application, etc. .

    TheCodingMachine supports you in all stages of your project:

  • UX/UI design, functionnal and technical specification

  • Process analysis and automation

  • Analysis of your digital ecosystem, explanation of technological choices and integration with various internal or external services,

  • Organization of the project from design to maintenance, including development, testing and production.

  • Have you ever written specifications or are not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us or download our white paper, we are not stingy with advice.


    Mobile applications are unique projects: ergonomics, functionalities and in particular uploading are very different from web projects.

    We have specialized in so-called hybrid technologies, notably React Native and Flutter. These technologies make it possible to develop mobile applications using only one code for both OS, unlike native development which requires one development per OS (in Swift for iOS and in Kotlin for Android). The hybrid approach is more economical and makes future code maintenance easier since there is only one code to develop and maintain instead of two.

    Finally, Progressives Web Applications allow you to combine web development and an enriched mobile experience thanks to the possibility of installing a shortcut, directly accessing mobile features, etc.


    Many opportunities are born with technologies and we like to explore new technologies: AI, blockchain, bot, NFT, or even IoT. We would be delighted to discuss with you the impacts this could have on your business or if you can generate new ideas from it!