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Development of business applications, web platforms,mobile applications or extranets, from startups to large corporations, designing, conceiving and developing custom applications is our core business. Supporting our clients and meeting our commitments in terms of time and budget is at the core of our missions.

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Looking for support on your project?

M&A IT audit, digital transformation, technical architecture, performance analysis or even project rescue, TCM can support you all the way from audit to advisory.


Starting up a new business or redesigning a business application?

Finding pragmatic solutions, producing smart and strong technical architectures, developing quickly and well, we will meet all your challenges.


Launching a mobile application, developing an IoT or Blockchain project?

We are constantly at the edge of innovation, feel free to reach out to us, we love technical challenges !


Enhancing the experience of your web or business applications?

UX & UI are key to the success of a project. TCM has all the skills to optimize the user experience and produce intuitive interfaces.

Want to check out our projects?

Business applications, extranets, mobile applications, take a look:

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If you like to up front, won’t be hard to understand. All technologies that allow your browser to display everything you see on your screen and make it dynamic.


Don’t worry be “API” ! Discover the programs that govern data exchanges between applications.


Behind the scenes! Discover the technologies that run your application in the background and govern its various processes.


Where your date is saved & organized! Discover the technologies that allow us to store and organize your data.


The machine! Discover the technologies that allow us to deploy and engineer your applications.


Your applications at your fingertips. When it comes to mobile, at TheCodingMachine we've gone hybrid. And if you just want to have an enhanced experience of your web application on mobile, without being in the stores, the PWA is for you.

Marketplace & E-commerce

These two options allow you to start your online businesses.
An eCommerce platform is an end-to-end software application where both parties, sellers, and consumers come and play their roles.
An online marketplace is an eCommerce site or app that facilitates shopping from many different sources.

Headless CMS

Manage the content of your pages without headaches! Headless CMS allow you to make the Front and Back independent.


“Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest!” All our tools to design and visualize the future interfaces of your application.


Our choice of technologies to create your projects around blockchain or NFT.

No Code

Code or No Code, that is the question! Discover the No Code tools we have selected to realize your projects in MVP mode.

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